Pure sodium bicarbonate – 250g box


Crastan sodium bicarbonate/baking soda for food use meets all the requirements of purity of the European Farmacopoeia.
Sodium bicarbonate is a precious ally to always have at hand: find out more about its many uses at home and for personal hygiene by clicking on ‘Directions’.


Sodium bicarbonate.

The multitude of uses for bicarbonate:

• To wash fruit and vegetables: one teaspoon for each litre of water. Let it act for 10 minutes, then rinse with running water.
• To cook vegetables and pulses (maintains the colour and eliminates the sour taste of turnip and other vegetables): add 1 teaspoon for each litre of water
• To cook boiled meat (makes the meat more tender): 1 pinch of bicarbonate in the water used to cook the meat
• To help baked pastry rise: with the yeast, add the tip of a spoon of bicarbonate to the other ingredients.
• To reduce the hardness of water and prevent scale: add 1 spoon of bicarbonate to the detergent used in the washing machine for each wash
• For a relaxing bath: pour 200g into the tub
• For the children’s bath: 1 spoonful in every 10 litres of water
• For an emollient footbath: 2 spoonfuls in every litre of hot water
• To eliminate bad smells from the dish-washer: put one spoon of bicarbonate on the bottom of the dish-washer before each wash
• To absorb bad smells: place an open recipient (ex. glass or cup) full of bicarbonate into the refrigerator. Change every two months. The same method can also be used in closed cupboards, shoe cupboards, etc.
• For cleaning combs and brushes
• To polish silverware: place a pinch of bicarbonate on a damp cloth and delicately rub down the objects to polish.
• For dry cleaning carpets and rugs (deodorant action and revives colours):
uniformly apply the bicarbonate, leave to act for up to 24 hours, then clean with a vacuum cleaner
• For the daily hygiene of washbasins, sinks, bath tubs and shower stalls.