Instant Orzo & Caffè – cardboard can 120g



Instant barley and barley malt (51%), instant coffee (30%), instant chicory, instant rye, cocoa powder.

Cardboard can 120g


put one or two teaspoons of product into a cup, add sugar to taste and mix with hot water or milk. With Crastan Orzo & Caffè (instant barley & coffee) you can also prepare an excellent cold drink*

* Cold drink: put 3 or 4 teaspoons of instant barley & coffee into the shaker, add two teaspoons of sugar or honey and some ice cubes. Pour 150 ml of cold milk in, shake the shaker well and pour into a crystal glass. If you wish you can add a sprinkling of bittersweet cocoa or some whipped cream.

Try it with milk!
Don’t miss the taste of Crastan Orzo & Caffè (barley & coffee) mixed directly with milk: once you’ve tasted it – you’ll love it!