Hot Chocolate – 125g


With Crastan Hot Chocolate you can prepare a cup of thick, delicious hot chocolate in just 5 minutes: an irresistible pleasure!


Fat-reduced chocolate powder 75% (sugar, fat-reduced cocoa powder29%), corn starch, fat-reduced cocoa powder, flavour, salt. Gluten Free. May contain traces of milk and soya.

Box 125g (5 single-portion bags)


Pour the contents of one sachet into a small saucepan and mix in a cup of milk (125 ml). Bring to the boil on medium heat continuing to mix until the drink reaches the desired density. In a microwave: pour 100 ml of milk into a cup and slowly mix in the contents of one sachet. Heat the cup in the microwave for one minute at 700-800 watts. For a denser drink, heat for a little longer.