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CRASTAN, the Italian Barley

Our barley grows healthy and abundant on the hills of Emilia, Tuscany and the Marche regions, the hills of the Bergamo area and the fertile land of the Murge, between Puglia and Basilicata.

These fields extend where the earth, the water, the wind and the natural breeze cradle and nourish our grains.

We select the best Italian varieties to trace the entire supply chain by entering into sowing contracts exclusively with Italian farms. Our Control and Quality system checks and follows the barley in all its phases: from harvest to its transformation. Find out more about our Production Process!

A daily pleasure for all ages. Barley is an ancient cereal that has nourished humans for millennia. It is naturally caffeine-free. With barley grains, toasted and made soluble (or ground), an excellent alternative drink to coffee is prepared, suitable for all those who cannot consume caffeine.



Breakfast for children, the elderly and lovers of the genuine flavours of nature

Coffee substitutes (generally barley, malt, rye, chicory) are natural products that do not contain caffeine and are therefore suitable for everyone, adults and children, in particular by those who wish to avoid the stimulating effect of coffee. In Italy, the most widespread coffee substitute is barley, now deservedly reconsidered and fully included in the area of naturalness and well-being thanks to its nutritional characteristics. Barley prepares a healthy and natural drink, with a bitter taste and intense aroma, which represents a pleasant alternative to coffee and which can be enjoyed at any time of the day, even before going to bed, as it does not contain stimulants.

A daily pleasure for all ages

Barley is an ancient cereal that has fed man for millennia. Naturally free of caffeine, from barley beans, roasted and made soluble (or ground) is prepared an excellent alternative drink to coffee, suitable for all those who can not take caffeine.

Also suitable for pregnant women

Barley, whether soluble or ground, can also be enjoyed by pregnant women, without causing any negative effects on her or her baby.

How to Make Instant Barley

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