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Philosophy and Certifications

Crastan is one of the first Italian companies recognised as Organic, already in 1991, thanks to its selection of barley coming only from Italian organic farming. Crastan’s path is characterised by High Quality and the most important Certifications in the sector. Always at the forefront in preserving natural production techniques, Crastan guarantees:

  • the absence of chemical or synthetic products; it does not use GMO-derived raw materials (genetically modified organisms);
  • it uses the residues to produce natural fertilisers and biofuels;
  • it reuses the by-product for agronomic and feed use.

Thanks to the naturalness of the raw materials and their transformation process, even the residues and by-products can have a new life! The high standard of Food Safety is an essential basic requirement for CRASTAN. In addition to the IFS (International Food Standard) requirements that ensure food safety, legality and quality standards, CRASTAN’s corporate management constantly strengthens the Control and Quality system which accompanies the product in all its phases: from sowing to harvesting up to its final transformation. Among the main values is the guarantee of sustainable, eco-friendly and continuous processing throughout the production chain, both in the case of the food product (barley, cereals, etc.) and in its packaging. 

Our ethics combine environmental sustainability with respect for people.

We guarantee a sustainable product even in those raw materials such as cocoa and coffee contained in our blends which do not come from Italian cultivations and which do not exploit workers and local populations, but rather improve their quality of life thanks to bodies responsible for management of charitable activities, often for children.

By choosing CRASTAN you protect Nature, yourself and others.

Our Certifications

Ogni singolo articolo prodotto presso le nostre strutture vanta specifiche certificazioni tra quelle sopra esposte. Vi invitiamo a scoprirle sul retro di ogni confezione.

Azienda certificata IFS International Food Standard. Standard globali specifici per la sicurezza dei prodotti agroalimentari, approvati dal GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative). Garantiscono elevati livelli qualitativi dell'azienda.
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